chalky chalky


  1. (adj) composed of or containing or resembling calcium carbonate or calcite or chalk
  2. (adj) of something having the color of chalk


  1. The chalky landscape, the silence of the streets all real.
  2. The government declared a tentative victory, but a brown cloud cloaked the city and filled it with a stench of smoke, while chalky gray ash rained down for days.
  3. The chalky landscape, the silence of the streets--all real.


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  1. "Sometimes they have a little chalky feel to them," Harang said. "The mud just kind of dries up and sits on the ball. It happens everywhere. You just throw them back (to the umpire) if you don't like it. I've never had a problem with it."
    on Apr 7, 2010 By: Aaron Harang Source: USA Today

  2. "The balls that were coming out were really chalky," Hill said. "I don't know whether it was how they were rubbed up or not, but I had to rub them up a quite a bit. The curveball was slipping out all the time."
    on Jun 11, 2006 By: Shawn Hill Source: USA Today

  3. "Eyes that hadn't opened for days did, and they weren't chalky or vague. They were clear and blue and full of love. If a death can be lovely, his was," Davis wrote.
    on Jun 9, 2004 By: Patti Davis Source:

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