cartographic cartographic


  • (adj) of or relating to the making of maps or charts


  1. With a vast trove of images from the past, the massive cartographic search tool lets users travel back in Earth's time.
  2. While cartographic whizzes compete in the finals of the National Geographic Bee, PTI looks back at 10 people who could stand to brush up on their map skills.
  3. The danger in all this is not just what so much cartographic flux does to our maps, but what it does to our language.


  • Computational chemistry draws for first time 'interactive cartographic map' of enzymes during chemical reactions

    Knowing how enzymes work is key to control the chemical processes involving these biological macromolecules that have countless applications in the fields of medicine and industry. Computational chemistry has enabled to draw for the first time the enzymes "cartographic map" during the catalysis process, including the moment when they are at the point of maximum energy on the way from reactants ...
    on June 28, 2013     Source: Science Daily


  1. On the issue of border demarcation, Annan said in his report that he was working "to establish in full the cartographic, legal and political implications of the approach suggested by Lebanon's seven-point plan."
    on Oct 20, 2006 By: Kofi Annan Source: ReliefWeb (press release)

  2. Upon seeing the revised 2006 version of the map, Monmonier said, "ODT's addition of thoughtfully annotated examples of diverse map projections provides a cartographic context for the Peters Map and enhance its value as a geographic reference tool."
    on Feb 1, 2006 By: Mark Monmonier Source: Emediawire (press release)

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