cart cart  /ˈkɑrt/


  1. (n) a heavy open wagon usually having two wheels and drawn by an animal
  2. (n) wheeled vehicle that can be pushed by a person; may have one or two or four wheels
  3. (v) draw slowly or heavily
  4. (v) transport something in a cart


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  1. A giant, hairy man is pushing Leonardo DiCaprio on a cart through a supermarket, and no one is looking.
  2. Why golf carts are more hazardous than they look.
  3. A man drives a horse cart while pulling a cyclist on a road near the village of Vetren, east of the Bulgarian capital, Sofia.


  1. Ox Cart Fire still burns on Poncha

    PONCHA PASS — There was increased activity on the Ox Cart Fire on Tuesday, according to SLV Public Lands Center Public Affairs Specialist Mike Blakeman.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Valley Courier

  2. Golf cart burns

    Jerry Stefan snapped this picture of a golf cart burning Friday afternoon on the Florence Gardens Clubhouse parking lot. Police said the owner, Richard Jovanovich, noticed the cart was smoking and pul
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Florence Reminder and Blade-Tribune

  3. Golf cart crash evacuates nearby neighbors at local RV park

    Lake Havasu City Fire Department responded to reports of a natural gas leak about 7:15 p.m. Wednesday after a golf cart operator struck a natural gas fuel line to a residence.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Today's News-Herald

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  1. "That was the most pathetic racing tire I've ever been on in my professional career," Tony Stewart said. "They (Goodyear) exited out of Formula One ...... IRL ...... CART ...... World of Outlaws and there is a reason for that. Goodyear can't...
    on Mar 10, 2008 By: Tony Stewart Source: Charlotte Observer

  2. "I was really pleased, walking down these cart paths, and obviously playing and getting into the rhythm of playing," Woods said. "I have no soreness, have no pain. Now it's just a matter of getting back and playing, and playing more rounds."
    on Feb 26, 2009 By: Tiger Wood Source: USA Today

  3. "I was in a golf cart and the driver took a sharp turn," Johnson said in a statement. "I wasn't holding on tight enough, landed awkwardly on the ground and heard a little pop. It was a fluke deal, but fortunately we're in the offseason and I...
    on Dec 10, 2006 By: Jimmie Johnson Source: CNN

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