carbonic carbonic


  • (adj) relating to or consisting of or yielding carbon



  1. At low temperatures under pressure, liquid carbonic forms what is known as dry ice.
  2. Vegetable plankton use sunlight and carbonic acid dissolved in the sea to produce carbohydrates.
  3. Had it been at hand, inhalation of a mixture of oxygen and carbonic acid might have been called for.


  • Not All Species Equally Affected By More Acidic Oceans

    Brett Smith for - Your Universe Online When atmospheric carbon dioxide dissolves into the ocean, it forms carbonic acid, which in turn lowers the water's pH levels and causes oceanic acidification . The phenomenon is expected to occur at increasing rates as carbon dioxide emissions around the world continue to rise. In a report published in Nature Climate Change , two researchers ...
    on August 26, 2013     Source: redOrbit

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