cabalistic cabalistic


  • (adj) having a secret or hidden meaning


  1. Staged by Ballets of Two Worlds, the company recently formed by Ross and his wife, Ballerina Nora Kaye, Dybbuk proved to be a three-act excursion into cabalistic legend.
  2. The son of a cabalistic rabbi, he never entered a school until the age of 13 and even now credits much of his thinking and visual vocabulary to cabalistic wisdom.
  3. In Balthazar, an all-seeing, cabalistic doctor gives a rude shake to this picture and, as in a kaleidoscope, all the parts fall into radically changed patterns.


  • "I certainly have objected to the way they've centralized the role of the reconstruction body in the small cabalistic circle of the Army," argues Sherry Rehman, an opposition member in parliament. "What we're going to get is a complete...
    on Dec 7, 2005 By: Sherry Rehman Source: Christian Science Monitor

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