brachial brachial


  • (adj) of or relating to an arm


  1. Private Wayne Baird, a soldier from the 173rd Airborne, is treated for a severed brachial artery damaged by a bullet at an outpost in Nuristan province.
  2. First he cut a piece about two inches long out of the brachial artery, which supplies the arm; the arm has plenty of blood supply and would not be crippled.
  3. That pressure also causes the cuff to press against the brachial artery, stopping the flow of blood.



  • "Chris had a brachial plexis injury and lost feeling in his hand and didn't return to the game," said Fisher. "That feeling has started to come back. We are also going to do some tests as far as that is concerned. It is very typical in that...
    on Oct 24, 2005 By: Jeff Fisher Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

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