boolean boolean  /bu ˈli ən/


  • (adj) of or relating to a combinatorial system devised by George Boole that combines propositions with the logical operators AND and OR and IF THEN and EXCEPT and NOT


  • Dealing with JSON Dates in ASP.NET MVC

    Most of the time, data transfer during Ajax communication is facilitated using JSON format. While JSON format is text based, lightweight and simple it doesn't offer many data types. The data types supported in JSON include string, number, boolean, array, object and null.
    on October 7, 2013     Source:


  • "Our understanding of what does and doesn't work is advancing rapidly," says Morville. "Yet we're often forced to use clumsy search interfaces that should never have escaped the 1990s. Users are invited to speak Boolean and then wait...
    on Mar 9, 2010 By: Peter Morville Source: CMSWire

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