blowy blowy  /b ˈloʊ i/


  • (adj) abounding in or exposed to the wind or breezes



  1. This blowy motif runs throughout the film: death's advent is always heralded by wind-driven snow, rain or autumn leaves.
  2. Emma and Kathleen were big, blowy and as like as two sisters, but there was nothing homey or lovable about either of them.
  3. Mom was fiftyish, big, blonde and blowy.


  1. "It was pretty blowy out there," said Sheehan, who was runner-up in the Open in 2005. "We had a chance to make some birdies, but I didn't make most of them. I made a couple early and then it got pretty tough."
    on Feb 21, 2008 By: Paul Sheehan Source: USA Today

  2. Henman, 30, said: "It was about who could stay positive and not get frustrated and I felt I did that well." "It was really difficult conditions ? there's usually no wind and today it was really blowy."
    on Mar 14, 2005 By: Tim Henman Source: The Sun

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