bipartite bipartite


  1. (adj) divided into two portions almost to the base
  2. (adj) involving two parts or elements



  1. If the DPJ embraces this concept, it could one day become Japan's ruling party and finally demonstrate how a genuine bipartite political system can work in Japan.
  2. The Clay-Robertson plan established five bipartite, interzonal policy committees to supervise finance, economics, transport, communications, food and agriculture.


  1. "Following the intensive off-season training, my right knee, which has a bipartite patella, started to act up again when I returned from Australia," Murray said in a statement. "We had a scan done this week and following discussions with my...
    on Jan 30, 2008 By: Andrew Murray Source:

  2. "It turns out I have bipartite patella [the same knee problem that affects Andy Murray, the tennis player]," Cusiter said yesterday. "I haven't had problems with it in the past and I don't expect problems in the future, but I got some big...
    on Jun 3, 2010 By: Chris Cusiter Source: Times Online

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