beery beery  /ˈbɪ ri/


  • (adj) smelling of beer


  1. Four friends set out on a canoe trip through backwoods Georgiaa lark, a weekend's diversion, a blissful, beery break from their day jobs.
  2. The first rocks thrown in anger were hurled through the muggy Friday night of May 1 by beery students who could not resist the urge to dance on a Kent street.
  3. A group of young louts in an RV get Borat almost as drunk as they spout their beery misogyny.



  • "Dear Mr. Smyth," begins Richard Jones, 97. "There is a good article in the Sunday Telewag, by Scyld Beery addressing England's lack of killer instinct in Tests against so-called Division II teams. He is right, KP's century was a bumper...
    on May 28, 2006 By: Richard Jones Source:

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