beak beak  /ˈbik/


  1. (n) beaklike mouth of animals other than birds (e.g., turtles)
  2. (n) horny projecting mouth of a bird
  3. (n) a beaklike, tapering tip on certain plant structures
  4. (n) informal terms for the nose
  5. (v) hit lightly with a picking motion



  1. Lieutenant Wooster turned the beak of the American Legion, slightly, ever so slightly.
  2. And new clues: while the beak of Te Papa's specimen is around 42mm long, the longest ever found, discovered in the stomach of a sperm whale, was 49mm.
  3. Dental prostheses specialist Tamas Kothay prepares an artificial beak for a stork that has lost its upper beak.


  1. Cheatgrass cheating eagles out of habitat

    Cheatgrass cheating eagles out of habitat by Brett Prettyman The Salt Lake Tribune Published Jun 11, 2013 06:23AM MDT Juab County • The natural instinct to defend themselves took different courses for the two young golden eagle siblings in the nest atop the juniper tree. The male eaglet stood his ground, displaying an already formidable beak and talons in an effort to stare down the threat. The ...
    on June 9, 2013     Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

  2. Outdoors: World around you

    A wheel bug, a true bug that feeds by stabbing its victims and, essentially, sucking body fluids through its strawlike beak, is most easily recognized in its mature form.
    on June 9, 2013     Source: Tulsa World

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  1. Courtney wrote on her website blog: "I have my old nose back. I hated that nosejobby nose, it was like a little beak. I've had my nose fixed. It looks like the one God gave me so I'm happy not to have crazy lips and a crazy teensy unnatural little...
    on Mar 30, 2007 By: Courtney Love Source: Monsters and

  2. "He felt I may have, I don't know, punched him on the beak, or something, which would have been well in his favour," Thomas said. "I'm not the sort of person who has fights with other people, physically - I definitely wouldn't have a fight...
    on Jun 9, 2007 By: Grant Thomas Source: The Age

  3. "What you think is a beak is actually the canine teeth," Corwin told Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly.
    on Aug 1, 2008 By: Jeff Corwin Source: FOXNews

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