baptise baptise


  • (v) administer baptism to



  1. And: "Je te baptise la Lafayette.
  2. What it actually did to me was to convert, even to baptise .


  1. Russell said: "I'd like to do it this year. My parents decided to let my brother and me make our own decisions about God when we got to the right age. I started thinking recently, 'If I believe it is important to baptise my kids, why not me?' I do...
    on Nov 7, 2007 By: Russell Crowe Source:

  2. ...former model admitted throwing water over Sir Paul's lawyer, Fiona Shackleton, at the end of their divorce battle, saying that she did so in order to "cleanse and baptise" her after she muttered something under her breath.
    on Apr 11, 2008 By: Fiona Shackleton Source: Times Online

  3. "WE wanted to baptise our new album with FIRE," says Ana Matronic, "so it had to be at Barrowland......"
    on Jun 19, 2010 By: Ana Matronic Source: News of the World

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