banish banish  /ˈbæ nɪʃ/


  1. (v) expel from a community or group
  2. (v) ban from a place of residence, as for punishment
  3. (v) expel, as if by official decree
  4. (v) drive away


  1. We can banish extreme poverty in our generation--yet 8 million people die each year because they are too poor to survive.
  2. Banish Celibacy and Get Back to Basics I'd banish celibacy.
  3. Banish Charlie Chaplin and you banish at least a part of the worldperhaps the best part.



  1. "Sixty years ago the people of India began a new journey as a free nation, inspired by the message and vision of Mahatma Gandhi. But Gandhiji's dream of a free India would only be fully realized when we banish poverty from our midst," Singh said.
    on Aug 15, 2007 By: Manmohan Singh Source:

  2. "We must do all we can to overcome suffering, but to banish it from the world is not in our power," Benedict wrote. "Only God is able to do this."
    on Nov 30, 2007 By: Pope Benedict XVI Source: Seattle Post Intelligencer

  3. Afghanistan and Pakistan should "stand together and persuade the international community to devise a Marshall Plan for the region to banish the militancy and its effects for all time to come," Zardari said, referring to the US initiative...
    on Mar 9, 2010 By: Asif Ali Zardari Source: AFP

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