bacchanalian bacchanalian


  • (adj) used of riotously drunken merrymaking



  1. Though stories of Stone's bacchanalian ways and Tarantino's saucy self-confidence are nothing new, Hamsher's gonzo take on NBK's evolution offers an insider's view of show-biz egos.
  2. The following night Propagandist Anderson's bacchanalian bombast, translated into German, was short-waved back to her adopted country for all hungry Germans to hear.
  3. The chorus is jazzily bacchanalian, and Patricia Zipprodt's eye-riveting costumes swirl right out of a decadent Brechtian Berlin.


  • How colonial Philly's same-sex secrets pointed toward the future of gay rights

    It was practically bacchanalian on the streets of Philadelphia in the 18th century. Men drifted from tavern to tavern, soaking up strong harvest ales, while loose women walked the streets looking for action by last call—or at least enough to pay the “room for let” in Old City for... [This is a summary. To read the full article on, click the headline above.]
    on July 3, 2013     Source: Philadelphia Weekly


  • "There is nothing more bacchanalian than a kid's birthday party," said Sarah Lane, a founder of Washington state's Progressive Kid, which has a Web site with suggestions on how to raise kids with good values. "You should see what gets thrown...
    on Jul 4, 2008 By: Sarah Lane Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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