armoury armoury


  1. (n) a collection of resources
  2. (n) all the weapons and equipment that a country has
  3. (n) a military structure where arms and ammunition and other military equipment are stored and training is given in the use of arms
  4. (n) a place where arms are manufactured




  1. McCarthy said: "I thought Jody and Christophe (Berra) were outstanding. Some teams would have crumbled (from the succession of long throws) but we dealt with them. It is a great weapon to have in your armoury."
    on Apr 11, 2010 By: Mick McCarthy Source: ESPN

  2. McLeish said: "Murphy is a dynamic full-back who will get forward. That is definitely in his armoury and is something I like in full-backs."
    on Jan 16, 2008 By: Alex McLeish Source:

  3. "Let's remember Al Capone was captured because of his tax evasion rather than because of his criminal activities, and with that historic example in mind, the tax office can be a very important part of our community's armoury in fighting organised...
    on Mar 30, 2009 By: David Feeney Source: Sydney Morning Herald

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