arbitral arbitral


  • (adj) relating to or resulting from arbitration


  1. To the support of the challenged court came Herr Rudolf Wissel, Minister of Labor, insisting to the employers that they must honor the arbitral award.
  2. The commission will be composed of five members, Americans; their reports, which will not be considered arbitral settlements, must be rendered within one year.
  3. It is now expected that the Council of the League will make an arbitral award covering the disposition of Mosul at its scheduled session in December.


  1. Lao Holdings and Sanum: International Tribunal Prevents Laos Government from Seizing Investor's Property

    Following a hearing held in London on 2 September 2013, members of an international arbitral tribunal have recently ordered the Government of Laos not to seize assets or take other adverse actions that would aggravate a dispute between Netherlands-based Lao Holdings, N.V.
    on October 14, 2013     Source: Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance

  2. Foley Hoag Secures Victory for Venezuela in Investment Arbitration

    An arbitral tribunal has dismissed a gold and diamond mining claim worth over US$633 million brought against Venezuela by Dutch investor Highbury International and Panamanian investor Ramstein Trading.
    on October 11, 2013     Source: Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance


  1. "Our proposal permits you to impose on third offenders such discipline as you believe appropriate, including a permanent ban, provided that it is consistent with just cause, and subject to arbitral review," Fehr wrote to Selig. "Thus, we have...
    on Sep 26, 2005 By: Donald Fehr Source:

  2. "We will decide that. We consider that within our sovereign prerogative," said Negroponte. "Where does the treaty say that we decide that and an arbitral body does not decide that?"
    on Sep 29, 2007 By: John Negroponte Source: WorldNetDaily

  3. "Courts must not allow the invocation of a convenient talisman -- 'public policy' -- unless circumstances demand it. Otherwise, public policy becomes an excuse to set aside an award, a facile method of substituting judicial for arbitral...
    on Apr 24, 2007 By: James Zazzali Source: (registration)

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