androgynous androgynous  /ænd ˈrɔ dʒə nəs/


  1. (adj) having both male and female characteristics
  2. (adj) relating to or exhibiting both female and male sex organs but with a predominantly female appearance



  1. A lot of stuff made now is for an androgynous figure, and it doesn't look good on me.
  2. The line happens to be one he delivered in He's a Woman, She's a Man, but it winks at Cheung's androgynous appeal.
  3. The androgynous look that he returned to again and again over the years found its way into recent collections from design houses such as Gucci and Prada.


  1. Masculine, feminine, hatted: Bruna Tenorio

    Posted in Fashion / Fashion blog / Fashion pictures / New York fashion week / Street style Perfect for the cool and laid-back nature of the New York streets, this off-duty outfit on Bruna Tenorio worked sheer fabric and androgynous cuts into one coherent outfit. Article continues . To read it in full visit ' Masculine, feminine, hatted: Bruna Tenorio ' at » Tagged: Bruna Tenorio ...
    on June 8, 2013     Source: StyleBistro

  2. Brittney Griner Will Model Men’s Fashion as Part of Contract With Nike

    In the world of fashion, androgynous models who can wear either men’s or women’s clothing are in high demand. Likewise, if there’s a move towards high-end fashion in sports, it’s certainly in the NBA, where players like Dwyane Wade and Roy Hibbert have been seen wearing designer threads nightly during the playoffs. However, the WNBA’s […]
    on June 6, 2013     Source: New England Sports Network


  1. "A callow, androgynous, blonde-quiffed youth in funny trousers and a scarf moving into the country mansion of his best friend, a middle-aged sailor? A sweet-faced lad devoted to a fluffy white toy terrier, whose other closest pals are an inseparable...
    on Jan 10, 2009 By: Matthew Parris Source: TopNews

  2. "These are all well-mannered, well-rought-up, well-spoken kids," the film critic Barry Norman said. "I think the accent has a lot to do with it. That still appeals to American audiences. There's also a kind of androgynous quality about some...
    on Jul 3, 2010 By: Barry Norman Source: Independent

  3. Although Scarlett says, "I like to be feminine," she adds: "I love the androgynous look. I love trouser suits, those ones from Yves St. Laurent, the three-piece jacket and trousers with a waistcoat. I also wear a lot of Rag & Bone. I look on...
    on Mar 9, 2009 By: Scarlett Johansson Source: Variety

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