amass amass  /ə ˈmæs/


  1. (v) collect or gather
  2. (v) get or gather together


  • Continue to amass superdelegates (through friendships, chits, promises and arm-twisting).


  1. Arkansas Plans to Award More 2-Year Degrees

    Arkansas education officials are putting a plan in action that will award associates degrees to people who transferred to a university from a two-year college and have amassed enough credits for a diploma.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Arkansas Business

  2. You can be a trust fund baby too

    Trust funds: They're not just for the 1 percent any more. Several companies are now offering trusts that can be created online, can be quite small, and cost little to keep running. The new offerings are aimed at providing better investment returns for people who are trying to amass savings for their children, but who don't have enough money to make a customized trust practical. (Read More: Alt ...
    on June 11, 2013     Source: MSNBC


  1. "The only way in this system to amass delegates is to win by big margins. Close races result in close delegate distribution," David Plouffe, Obama's campaign manager, told reporters in a conference call.
    on Feb 20, 2008 By: David Plouffe Source: Washington Post

  2. "We are going to amass the largest debt in the history of this country, and we are going to ask our kids and grandkids to pay for it," said Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.).
    on Feb 8, 2009 By: John McCain Source: Los Angeles Times

  3. "It's always incredibly satisfying to amass large audiences, but this television record simply reaffirms the power of the Super Bowl and the National Football League," said Dick Ebersol, Chairman, NBC Universal Sports & Olympics. "Everyone...
    on Feb 4, 2009 By: Dick Ebersol Source: Sports Network

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