allure allure  /ə ˈlʊr/


  1. (v) dispose or incline or entice to
  2. (n) the power to entice or attract through personal charm


Derived Word(s)


  1. The fact that only 150 are for sale at any given time adds to the allure of owning one.
  2. There are evangelical Protestants who believe strongly that Christianity should not get too close to the corrupting allure of government power.
  3. The allure of having only one phone number is the main attraction here, but people who have ditched the landline entirely for their cell phone already have that.


  1. Israel’s Fischer Sees Rout Easing Currency Wars Concern

    The push for central banks to devalue their currencies and protect exporters is fading as rising Treasury yields diminish the allure of assets in emerging markets, Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer said.
    on June 13, 2013     Source: Bloomberg

  2. America's best little beach towns

    Nightlife-driven souls looking for Floridian action point their convertibles toward the likes of Fort Lauderdale and Key West. But a certain quieter, off-the-radar destination on the state's Gulf Coast holds a different kind of allure.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: CNN

  3. Hysteria over leaks

    Spy work holds deep allure for many people. My own career as a secret agent began as an outgrowth of training beagle hunting dogs. See, I needed new antennas for the little radio transmitters in the animals' collars — which combined with a directional antenna and multi-channel receiver helped me bring the little rascals home alive at day's end. by Gene Lyons Spy work holds deep allure for many ...
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Arkansas Times


  1. "For all of its 'user-friendly' allure, the internet can also be a dangerous place with electronic pipelines that run directly into everything from our personal bank accounts to key infrastructure to government and industrial secrets," he said....
    on Jun 14, 2010 By: Joe Lieberman Source: ZDNet Australia

  2. Comparing Iraq with earlier wars, Bush said, "The question now before us comes down to this: 'Will today's generation of Americans resist the deceptive allure of retreat and do in the Middle East what veterans in this room did in Asia?'"
    on Aug 21, 2007 By: President Bush Source: International Herald Tribune

  3. "Through his voice, his allure, his panache, Philippe Noiret knew how to seize and express something within the French soul," Villepin said in a statement. "The silhouette and the voice, so tender and familiar, will be missed by all."
    on Nov 23, 2006 By: Dominique de Villepin Source: International Herald Tribune

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