all-fired all-fired


  1. (adj) extreme; used as an intensifier
  2. (adv) extremely



  1. There's no more colorful introduction to Bollywood than this all-singing, all-dancing, all-fired spectacle.
  2. And thank heavens for Irene Saltz, without whose all-fired energy Tarbox would never have achieved such an effective League of Women Voters or Fair Housing Group.
  3. It was Albert, not Victoria, who was so all-fired prim and proper that the term Victorian was saddled on her era as a synonym for Puritan rigidity.


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    Miranda Lambert The quality of Miranda Lambert's songwriting hasn't quite kept up with the former Nashville Star contestant's rise in the country music power rankings. But while the best albums by Blake Shelton's better half are still the all-fired-up Ker
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