air-dried air-dried


  1. (adj) made dry by contact with unheated air
  2. (adj) not giving off moisture on exposure to the air


  1. Bulk art is air-dried, and changes color in particular historical epochs.
  2. Largely in the hands of small family companies, the beer barrel business is booming wherever and whenever whiteoak staves, air-dried for at least two years, can be obtained.
  3. Sensing the beer keg shortage he had wangled out of Moscow last May a contract for the entire Russian output of the proper air-dried wood.


  • proscuitto

    Proscuitto is an Italian word for salt-cured, air-dried ham from the rear leg or thigh of a pig. There are two kinds of prosciutto - "crudo," which is cured and aged, and "cotto," which is pre-cooked.
    on October 16, 2013     Source: Peninsula Clarion

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