adulteress adulteress


  • (n) a woman adulterer


  1. In early Babylonian and Hebrew societies, a married woman who was raped suffered the same fate as an adulteress -- death by stoning or drowning.
  2. He wrote of transvestism, stalking, sexual blackmail, castration, impotence, masochism, necrophilia and an adulteress forced to eat her lover's corpse.
  3. The one-shot adulteress makes her next big mistake by trying to dispose of a body that may or may not be dead.


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    Please login to view the requested resource. John Clem is Biblically accurate in retelling that the men attempting to stone the adulteress were challenged by Jesus to examine their own lives (“ Jesus Wouldn’t Care About Titled Kilt , ” May 31)....
    on June 17, 2013     Source: The Harrisonburg Daily News-Record


  • "Good God," Marías wrote in Dark Back of Time, which, nine years later, explored the extraordinary ways All Souls impinged upon his real life, "as a result of my novel there is now a professor at Oxford whom everyone believes to be an adulteress,...
    on May 6, 2005 By: Javier Marias Source:

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