accenting accenting  /ˈæk sɛn tɪŋ/


  • (n) the act of giving special importance or significance to something



  1. Always there is the pulsing drive of his ever moving feet, percussively accenting the chords and the words.
  2. For Women onlyPlease walk the aisles quietly, without accenting your hard heels; if you are not too fat, tiptoe it.
  3. When he could not stand the idea of drawing another frock coat, he would paint himself again, accenting his pixie face, dressing himself in outlandish costumes.


  • Inside The Margins Of Val Ackerman’s “White Paper”

    Under the NCAA umbrella for 32 years, women’s college basketball is barely half the age of their men, who just celebrated its 75th anniversary as championship partners with the governing body of collegiate athletics. The sport has sought a singular vision, a steadying voice accenting its strength, diminishing its [...]        
    on June 21, 2013     Source: Hartford Courant


  1. "The Ford F-150 lends itself to accenting because it's so recognizable as America's favorite pickup. It's already widely accepted because it comes in the most varieties and customers spend more on it than any other truck to personalize it even...
    on Mar 30, 2007 By: Chip Foose Source: Autoblog (blog)

  2. "I like to think that with every player I simplify what's going on in their life a little bit," said Gilbert, sounding more like a psychiatrist than a coach. "I help them with match strategy, I help them by accenting the things they do well...
    on Aug 26, 2006 By: Brad Gilbert Source:

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