a-okay a-okay


  • (adj) in perfect condition or order


  • Heat wave possible in Boston this weekend

    BOSTON -- A busy day in downtown Boston as kids on field trips toured the Freedom Trail, the time and temp sign on School Street flashed 88. And the sun hasn't even started to really sizzle yet. For some tourists visiting from the desert this is a-okay.
    on June 18, 2013     Source: 7 News Boston


  1. "We're hoping he'll back up okay, we put him through a bit of a fitness test prior but brought over an extra player anyway just in case," Wallace said. "Corkies are corkies, if they come up they're usually A-okay and we hope that's the case."
    on May 11, 2007 By: Terry Wallace Source: Fox Sports

  2. Propelled by one of the strongest bodies in women's halfpipe -- "I squat 250, A-okay, yeah," Teter said.
    on Feb 9, 2006 By: Hannah Teter Source: San Francisco Chronicle

  3. "Boob talk is bad, but hoping gay people get AIDS and die is A-okay," Aravosis said. "Welcome to the new America."
    on Mar 26, 2004 By: John Aravosis Source: Sovo.com

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