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ma thuh ma ti kuhl

  • a  of or pertaining to or of the nature of mathematics
    a mathematical textbook
    slide rules and other mathematical instruments
    a mathematical solution to a problem
    mathematical proof
  • a  relating to or having ability to think in or work with numbers
    a mathematical whiz
  • s  beyond question
    a mathematical certainty
  • s  statistically possible though highly improbable
    have a mathematical chance of making the playoffs
  • s  characterized by the exactness or precision of mathematics
    mathematical precision

  • If all Alan Turing had done was answer, in the negative, a vexing question in the arcane realm of mathematical logic, few nonspecialists today would have any reason to remember him .
  • What Harvard University unblushingly described as "the world's greatest mathematical calculating machine" was last week shown to newsmen.
  • Juan Maldacena with a set of mathematical equations is like a magician with a wand.
News & Articles

  • Cities work sort of like stars, one theory says
    By Emily SohnDiscovery NewsCities have been compared to living organisms, machines, river networks and insect colonies. Instead, suggests a new study, urban centers are more like stars, fusing human connections as if they were hydrogen atoms.But only sort of. Using mathematical equations to synthesize mounds of data, a researcher concluded that cities are vastly more complex and open-ended than ...
    June 22, 2013 - NBC NEWS
  • Cities are a new kind of complex system: Part social reactor, part network
    Scientists have derived a series of mathematical formulas that describe how cities' properties vary in relation to their population size, and then posits a novel unified, quantitative framework for understanding how cities function and grow. The resulting theoretical framework predicts very closely dozens of statistical relationships observed in thousands of real cities around the world for ...
    June 20, 2013 - Science Daily
  • Pi Versus Information Theory
    The mathematical constant pi is packed with meanings—or it’s meaningless
    June 20, 2013 - IEEE Spectrum

  • Barack Obama in USA Today
    Reform that brings accountability to our immigration system cannot pass without Republican votes,Obama said in his first major immigration speech as president. "That is the political and mathematical reality."
  • Rob Simmons in New York Times
    The first half of the winter was a shambles under my leadership. We didn't come close to winning a game in India and we didn't come close to winning a game here before we won on Sunday - except for the mathematical error on the West Indies' part in... Kevin Pietersen Apr 1, 2009 61910 82586 mathematical We understand the mathematical reality of competing against an opponent with unlimited financial resources," he said in sort of bowing out.

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