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in fi ni te si muhl

  • n  (mathematics) a variable that has zero as its limit
  • s  infinitely or immeasurably small

  • The chances that Ireland would win again Australia were infinitesimal yet they played their hearts out and won!.
  • Because that infinitesimal measurement is possible and because the time lag is different for every element and every form of every element, it is a delicate analyzer of .
  • No one wants to believe we could ever find ourselves in Junta's place but it's the infinitesimal fear that it could happen to us that keeps us glued to our television sets.

  • Bertrand Russell in
    ...his essay, Dreams and Facts, the philosopher Bertrand Russell wrote that our entire galaxy is a tiny fragment of the universe, and within this fragment our solar system is "an infinitesimal speck," and within this speck "our planet...
  • Steve Carell in Montreal Gazette
    If I think about it too much, my mind will explode,Carell tells reporters. "We're all so tiny - in the big picture. And that depends on what picture we're looking at. In the really big picture, we're infinitesimal."
  • Stephen Leatherman in Boston Herald
    The thing is, we really haven't seen anything like this before. A lot of people didn't think this was going to happen. We were sure, with all the modern technology out there, there was an infinitesimal chance this would happen,Leatherman said.

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