pensiveness pensiveness


  1. (n) persistent morbid meditation on a problem
  2. (n) deep serious thoughtfulness



  1. In its pensiveness and good manners, its immersion in desolate wastes, its search for eccentricity, even dementia, behind the blandest Anglo face, the show was devoutly Canadian.
  2. And when they do shut up, it's often to blow someone away, or do drugs, or sink into edgy pensiveness.
  3. I was impressed with the pensiveness Ben Shahn conveyed in the Stevenson painting.


  • "At that time, we were so full of anxiety, and the kind of level of trepidation and pensiveness, being on Atlantic, and how this album would be received. We would try to keep it away but it was really around us, if we admit it or not," Harmer said.
    on Apr 19, 2008 By: Nick Harmer Source: Inland Valley Daily Bulletin

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