overfill overfill  /ˈoʊ vər ˌfɪl/


  • (v) fill beyond capacity


  1. Similarly, though critics contend that there is a kind of Parkingson's Law that causes any new car-stowing garage to overfill the instant it opens, many cities are making room .
  2. Talbott managed nevertheless to fill his "SALT notebook" overfill it, to be precise.


  • Olalla store can resume fuel sales

    Al’s Market in Olalla can resume fuel sales because the business now complies with underground storage tank leak detection and overfill prevention required by state law.
    on July 6, 2013     Source: Port Orchard Independent


  • "Contact lenses are regulated medical devices requiring a valid prescription from a licensed doctor. Third-party vendors that overfill prescriptions or who do not verify the prescriptions they are filling endanger the health and welfare of the...
    on Apr 25, 2007 By: Ed Whitfield Source: Princeton Times Leader

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