overexert overexert


  • (v) exert (oneself) excessively and go beyond one's strength


  1. Even while the heart is being asked to overexert, carbon monoxide from cigarette smoke combines with red blood cells and decreases their capacity to carry oxygen.
  2. Use enough weight to tire yourself out, but don't overexert or strain.
  3. But the trouble with such sports is that businessmen tend to overexert and fret over their performance.


  • UPDATE: Gaudin's defense has arrived, and it's an unexpected one.

    UPDATE : Gaudin's defense has arrived, and it's an unexpected one. According to his lawyer , Gaudin was disoriented (and in the hospital in the first place) because of rhabdomyolysis, a condition where one's muscles break down and then the components of those muscles enter the kidneys. It can happen to athletes who overexert themselves, and it is basically the worst thing. We'll stay tuned to ...
    on July 11, 2013     Source: Deadspin


  1. "Phil does a good job of making sure we stay in good condition, but that he doesn't overexert us too much because of the long summer we had," Bryant said. "I feel great. I could run all day. I'm in shape, so I'm ready to go."
    on Oct 1, 2008 By: Kobe Bryant Source: USA Today

  2. "If things go well and we get him in there Friday, if he doesn't overexert himself and an opportunity comes up Saturday, I'll put him in there (again)," Rangers manager Ron Washington said Saturday before the Rangers played Boston.
    on Apr 7, 2007 By: Ron Washington Source: SI.com

  3. "I don't think there's much risk at all," pitching coach Rich Dubee said. "I think when you look at him, you think of a guy who generally controls his delivery, knows that he can't overexert himself because he's not going to get enough out of...
    on Sep 10, 2008 By: Rich Dubee Source: Philadelphia Inquirer

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