overawe overawe


  • (v) subdue, restrain, or overcome by affecting with a feeling of awe; frighten (as with threats)


  1. Opening in Baltimore in two weeks and on Broadway in November, the revival does not overawe her.
  2. Iraq's ruling General Karim Kassem is in the familiar situation; his army, which alone can overawe the mob, is an uncertain weapon.
  3. He sent destroyers to overawe Salonika, the Greek city in which Reds are strongest.


  1. "He has had a good record and has earned more respect in the last couple of years. I asked him to give him a guard of honour but he politely turned it down. But the respect will not overawe us, we will try to win this match," said Younus.
    on Feb 28, 2009 By: Younis Khan Source: AFP

  2. "The attack by the Communist Party of India [CPI-Maoist] on a camp of the Eastern Frontier Rifles of West Bengal is another outrageous attempt by the banned organization to overawe the established authority in the state," said Home Minister P...
    on Feb 22, 2010 By: P Chidambaram Source: Asia Times Online

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