outturn outturn


  • (n) what is produced in a given time period



  • With a delicate twist of the wrist a good curler can control his stoneas expertly as a billiardist a billiard ballfor an "outturn" or "in-turn" (curling around opponents .



  1. "It is the Board's present intention to maintain the dividend at the same cents per share rate as for the past year. However, this will clearly be subject to the financial outturn for the year as a whole," Deane said.
    on Nov 11, 2008 By: Roderick Deane Source: Manawatu Standard

  2. "An analysis of Zimbabwe's purchasing power parity using the June 2005 inflation outturn yields a PPP-consistent exchange rate of around $15 000/US$, implying that our exporters are more than compensated for competitive loss arising out of...
    on Jul 22, 2005 By: Gideon Gono Source: Financial Gazette

  3. "This infrastructure program is 6.5% higher than the expected outturn for 2009-10 and a massive 31% increase over 2008-09," said Barnett.
    on May 20, 2010 By: Colin Barnett Source: Wall Street Journal

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