out-of-bounds out-of-bounds


  1. (adj) outside the foul lines
  2. (adj) barred to a designated group


  1. But in Belgium picketing is illegal in certain out-of-bounds areas, and the Little Castle was out of bounds, all right.
  2. It was a season in which spectators grew so dis gusted with out-of-bounds kickoffs that the Rules Committee may well make them illegal by next fall.


  • NBA Reportedly Allow On-Court Advertisements for Next Season

    The Adam Silver era of the NBA is nearly upon us, and it comes with far more advertisements.  ESPN's Darren Rovell reports the NBA is allowing on-court ads on a limited basis for the 2013-2014 season.  The league sent a memo to its teams saying they will be permitted to sell space on what is referred to as the apron. The space covers the out-of-bounds area on the sideline between the baselines ...
    on June 10, 2013     Source: Bleacher Report

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