out-migration out-migration


  • (n) migration from a place (especially migration from your native country in order to settle in another)



  1. Then the town's elders decided to fight the out-migration by bringing industry to Forest City.
  2. These pocketbook incentives for destroying communities are a prime cause of the out-migration that fuels sprawls.


  • Council smokes ban

    A key concern for some council members is Casper isn’t isolated and the adjacent towns of Mills and Evansville, as well as the county, don’t have any smoking restrictions. Bars and businesses in those communities have welcomed, even encouraged, the out-migration of Casper’s smoking customers.
    on June 25, 2013     Source: Casper Journal


  1. "The situation in Northern Ontario is so serious, in terms of the loss of jobs, in terms of things like a shortage of physicians, in terms of the out-migration of young people because they no longer see an opportunity, that I think what we need to...
    on Sep 11, 2007 By: Howard Hampton Source: Globe and Mail

  2. Mr Browne told the chamber of commerce: "From a situation of out-migration and unemployment, the Highlands now boasts a new dynamism. A bustling area which many have chosen to make their home in recent years provides evidence of that."
    on Apr 10, 2008 By: Des Browne Source: BBC News

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