odoriferous odoriferous


  1. (adj) morally offensive
  2. (adj) emitting an odor
  3. (adj) having a natural fragrance


  1. These chemicals act as fertilizer for growths of algae that suck oxygen from the lower depths and rise to the surface as odoriferous green scum.
  2. The odoriferous, carbon-rich stuff is dried for two to three months under the hot Imperial Valley sun before it is burned at 1500 degrees F to power the plant's steam turbines.
  3. Microscopic capsules containing the odoriferous oils are embedded in the fabric; by scratching the shirt, the wearer breaks the capsules and releases the fragrance.


  • Some La Jollans want Cove guardrail removed

    The May 28 cleanup process initiated by Mayor Bob Filner to remove the odoriferous excrement from the bluff at the Cove, has some La jollans opining that the next step is for the city to remove the protective rail there, which would allow human access to the cliffs and deter animals (and their waste) from coming back.
    on June 21, 2013     Source: La Jolla Light

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