obliquity obliquity


  1. (n) the presentation during labor of the head of the fetus at an abnormal angle
  2. (n) the quality of being deceptive



  1. Doubtless today he would be equally unpopular for pointing out the moral obliquity of those doves on Viet Nam who became hungry hawks in the Israeli-Arab war.
  2. They write Plays to Abolish Things By-poverty, prejudice, war, injustice, capitalism, moral obliquity.
  3. But, like Roth, he mistakes obliquity for essence.


  • Astronomers Discover That Life Could Exist On Planets With Fluctuating Orbital Tilt

    redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports - Your Universe Online While experts have long believed that life could not exist on planets with a fluctuating tilt in their orbits, new research appearing in the April issue of the journal Astrobiology suggests that such obliquity variations could actually increase the planetary habitability in those worlds. According to Weber State University physics professor ...
    on April 16, 2014     Source: redOrbit


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