nudism nudism


  • (n) going without clothes as a social practice


  1. Despite his religious background in fact, partly because of it Gordon sees nothing wrong with nudism.
  2. Swedes practice nudism with erotic grace, the French with gay abandon; British nudists even manage to shed the stiff upper lip.
  3. Since nudism has been stripped of whatever peephole provocativeness it once had, the American Sunbathing Association is now opting for an open-door policy.


  • Sheer tackiness

    As any guest who’s nibbled the naughty nachos at my Arbor Day Bacchanal can attest: I’m no prude. But the gossamer getup has got to go. Whether it’s a sheer dotted Swiss curtain worn over a micro-mini, or a trickle of transparency playing peek-a-boo on a gown, these barely-there blunders are ruining many a red carpet. So, celebs, unless you’re a passive-aggressive flasher or embracing nudism on ...
    on November 8, 2013     Source: Boston Herald


  • "It's not fair to say she threw us out," Webb said at the time. "There was just a difference of opinion on the nudism."
    on May 31, 2006 By: Charles Webb Source: FOXNews

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