novocaine novocaine


  • (n) procaine administered as a hydrochloride (trade name Novocain)


  1. Nerve block with novocaine or alcohol gives quick relief.
  2. Indeed, painless dentistry still requires either a series of novocaine injections not exactly the most pleasant of experiences or full sedation.
  3. The dentists tried to prescribe different forms of novocaine to numb public awareness of the nation's economic distress.



  1. UCLA coach Ben Howland called the Bruins' earliest tip-off this season "a root canal without Novocaine."
    on Jan 11, 2008 By: Ben Howland Source:

  2. "It was a very strange game," Kentucky Coach Rich Brooks said. "It was like going to the dentist and getting five or six shots of novocaine because the tooth wasn't numb."
    on Nov 18, 2007 By: Rich Brooks Source:

  3. Doug Buffone told me about a game against Detroit in which "they literally shattered my teeth, the nerves were sticking out and the pain was just firing through my head. But they stitched me up at halftime, put Novocaine in my mouth to kill the pain...
    on Mar 9, 2009 By: Doug Buffone Source: Chicago Tribune

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