nostril nostril  /ˈnɑ strɪl/


  • (n) either one of the two external openings to the nasal cavity in the nose


  1. The old shaman placed a bamboo shoot filled with hallucinogenic snuff against Mark Plotkin's left nostril and blew into the tube.
  2. Scott, an impish brunet with a tiny nostril stud, had violated Redwood's dress code.
  3. A spot just below Victor's left nostril caused the boy to feel a tingling on his left pinkie.


  • Sara Jongeward: Guantánamo force-feeding video hard to stomach

    A feeding tube is forcibly inserted through his nostril, and is meant to reach all the way to his stomach. He struggles intensely and is in obvious pain. After the first attempt fails, he begs the demonstrators to stop. This is how hunger-strikers are being treated at Guantánamo.
    on July 11, 2013     Source: Detroit Free Press


  1. "It's nostril-pinching stuff," said Tutu of recent ANC attacks on former cabinet minister Kader Asmal and DA leader Helen Zille, among a number of others.
    on Nov 19, 2009 By: Desmond Tutu Source: Independent Online

  2. "So much happens to her," Raimi says, recounting the various tortures he inflicted on the actress. "She has pumps placed inside her body to spew blood, inside her nostril, when she's got this big bloody nose scene. I have dummies that were...
    on May 27, 2009 By: Sam Raimi Source: Los Angeles Times

  3. "One night dad put a serrated knife into mum's nose and slit her nostril open," Carey writes in the book. "During another rage, Dad held a rifle to Mum's head. She jerked her head away just before he pulled the trigger and sent a bullet...
    on Oct 24, 2009 By: Wayne Carey Source:

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