northeasterly northeasterly  /ˌnɔr ˈθi stər li/


  1. (adj) coming from the northeast
  2. (adj) situated in or oriented toward the northeast



  1. Then there was one pinpoint where there had been two: the TWA signal had vanished from the radar screen, and the second blip crept on its northeasterly course for eight miles.
  2. Captain Josef Klesnil, pilot of the plane from Brno, had flown 17 minutes on his northeasterly course when copilot and radioman pulled pistols on him.
  3. A special boat will carry the mail to the most northeasterly point of Brazil.


  • Forecast: Goodbye Heat Wave, Hello Muggy, Rainy Sauna

    The heat is gone but the muggy weather is lingering on for a couple more days. As often happens, the cold front that brought an end to the heat has stalled along the Mason-Dixon Line. That sets up a northeasterly breeze near the surface, which will bring lots of moist marine air to the region. A west-to-east flow above the surface system will push several weak upper-level disturbances through ...
    on July 22, 2013     Source: Gothamist


  • "The onset of monsoon means that the northeasterly winds have replaced the southwesterly winds which bring in hot weather," Prof Bhanu Kumar said.
    on May 31, 2010 By: Bhanu Source: Times of India

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