nonnative nonnative  /ˈnɑn ˈeɪ tɪv/


  1. (adj) not being or composed of aborigines
  2. (adj) of persons born in another area or country than that lived in
  3. (adj) of plants or animals originating in a part of the world other than where they are growing


  1. The arbitrary rules that govern English bedevil nonnative students of the language as much as they torment would-be spelling-bee champs.
  2. I was dating Jet Skiers at the time, Cynthia Hardy, a nonnative, says with a laugh.
  3. It might just be a too little, too late effort to do something about the larger problem of nonnative species.


  • Treading Water

    YELLOW BAY – The yawning rift between agencies over how to manage lake trout in Flathead Lake grew even wider last month as biologists came to a deadlock in the face of a major proposal to control the invasive species. With no compromise in sight, and as key players from both camps exchange acrimonious salvos, the future of native and nonnative trout in the Flathead Valley is shadowed in ...
    on July 3, 2013     Source: Flathead Beacon

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