nonmusical nonmusical


  1. (adj) lacking interest in or talent for music
  2. (adj) not musical in nature



  1. That's not to say it can't accommodate nonmusical events.
  2. Born into an impoverished, nonmusical family Debussy had virtually no formal schooling as a child.
  3. Even the Beatles' nonmusical utterances tend to take on the tone and weight of social prophecy.


  • Storyfort: Storied Event

    "This is for those people in coffee shops with their notepads." by Harrison Berry Treeforts are meant to be exclusive, but Treefort Music Fest has dropped its proverbial rope ladder to a slew of nonmusical offshoots, including Skatefort, Hackfort, Yogafort and, of course, Alefort (see Food, Page 24). Not to leave out the literary set, this year will also include Storyfort--four days of readings ...
    on March 19, 2014     Source: Boise Weekly


  1. "It was like the greatest experience of my life," Combs says. "Who can say that they starred on Broadway and sold out Broadway - starred in the second-highest-grossing nonmusical play in Broadway history. There's not really a lot of people...
    on Feb 20, 2008 By: Sean Combs Source: Hartford Courant

  2. "This might sound like bull - but I honestly think [touring] is a patriotic thing to do," Jones says, "to bring really superb drama to places where people haven't seen a [nonmusical] play in 25 years except locally, which I'm sure is...
    on Jan 27, 2007 By: Cherry Jones Source: Hartford Courant

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