nonevent nonevent  /ˈnɑn ɪ ˈvɛnt/


  • (n) an anticipated event that turns out to be far less significant than was expected


  1. But it's also something of a nonevent: the actual Federal Funds rate has already spent the past week and a half below 0.
  2. The national psyche has been hurt, but for the financial markets, this is a nonevent.
  3. As fast as the speed of light The report from Paris sounded like a nonevent, yet scientists considered it major news.



  1. "This will be a nonevent to players, to the fans, our sponsors, our vendors, anybody," Hicks said.
    on Apr 3, 2009 By: Tom Hicks Source: Washington Post

  2. An aide to Royal, Gilles Savary, called Wednesday's announcement "a spectacular nonevent."
    on Nov 29, 2006 By: Segolene Royal Source: Forbes

  3. "What we thought would be our biggest risk in this event was the supersonic feather, and supersonic feather is a nonevent," Rutan said.
    on Jun 21, 2004 By: Burt Rutan Source: San Diego Union Tribune

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