noncandidate noncandidate


  • (n) someone who has announced they are not a candidate; especially a politician who has announced that he or she is not a candidate for some political office


  1. Reagan, of course, still bills himself as a noncandidate, but his protestations of late have rung increasingly hollow.
  2. In Manhattan, Charles Evans Hughes demonstrated how a noncandidate's door is shut and locked.
  3. Reason: he was considered a sure bet for second place on a ticket with Tom Dewey, and the keynote spot is usually reserved for a noncandidate.


  • "His strategy and the use of noncandidate status has worked very much to his advantage to this point," Wamp said. "I believe we're approaching the point at which he needs to be a candidate -- I mean full-blown, 'I am running for president,'...
    on Jul 31, 2007 By: Zach Wamp Source: ABC News

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