neuron neuron


  • (n) a cell that is specialized to conduct nerve impulses

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  1. The objective is to form a synapse, the gap-like structure over which the axon of one neuron beams a signal to the dendrites of another.
  2. When the cell fires, you see one pattern; when it stops, you see anotheryour awareness can be read from a single neuron.
  3. For an electrical signal to travel from neuron to neuron in the brain, it must cross a minuscule gap, the synapse, between them.


  1. IBM develops brain-simulating supercomputer with 128TB flash

    IBM has crafted a supercomputer that is powerful enough to mimic the neuron capacity in a rat's brain. The supercomputer contains 128TB of flash, which is 250 to 1,000 times greater than an average computer.
    on June 12, 2013     Source: Digital Trends

  2. New Evidence Suggests Neurons Continue To Grow In Adult Brains

    redOrbit Staff & Wire Reports – Your Universe Online Despite a longstanding view that an adult brain is incapable of generating new neurons , researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden have discovered that a person’s hippocampus is constantly generating more of them – and their discovery comes thanks in part to early Cold War-era nuclear bomb tests. The research, which has been ...
    on June 9, 2013     Source: redOrbit

  3. Mobile Development Talent Demand Outstrips Availability: Talent Neuron Study

    SANTA CLARA, California, June 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Job Postings for Mobile Developers Doubled In Two Years, But Supply Growing Only At 13% Talent Neuron, an innovative web-based Talent Planning and ...
    on June 6, 2013     Source: PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance

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  1. "It builds Queensland's reputation as a research centre of excellence," Ms Bligh said. "For Queensland to thrive as the Smart State and potentially discover cures for Parkinson's disease, motor neuron and other conditions, embryonic stem cell...
    on Oct 11, 2007 By: Anna Bligh Source: Melbourne Herald Sun

  2. Normal connections between such cells are "a beautiful chain of wiring between one neuron and another that look like trees with elegant branches," said Murphy. "After a stroke they look like sausages [or] like beads on a string, and there's...
    on Feb 14, 2008 By: Tim Murphy Source:

  3. "This decrease in neuron production coincided with an increase in the major rodent stress hormone, corticosterone," says Elizabeth Gould, head of the team at Princeton University that made the discovery.
    on Dec 1, 2006 By: Elizabeth Gould Source: New Scientist (subscription)

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