neuralgia neuralgia


  • (n) acute spasmodic pain along the course of one or more nerves


  1. Facial Neuralgia ranks close to angina pectoris as a racking pain.
  2. Only Shirley Anne's grandmother claimed they had the healing virtue: they had cured her neuralgia, she said.
  3. The patients were victims of an excruciating form of facial neuralgia known as tic douloureux, which often seems doubly painful because the victims know there is no sure relief.


  1. S.A. seniors: Social Security might not be enough to live on

    Many people work their entire lives and expect to be able to take it easy, with the help of Social Security, once they retire. Josie Saucedo added, My plan was to retire when I was at the right age, but I cut my toe off by early retirement, due to my trigeminal neuralgia. A survey by CENA program coordinators at La Fe Policy Research and Education Center showed that one in four Latinos over the ...
    on June 30, 2013     Source: The Southside Reporter

  2. Gamma Knife fights cancer with state-of-the-art tool

    SPOKANE, Wash. – Local business Gamma Knife offers the most accurate tool in the world for skull-based tumors. Gamma Knife of Spokane has been treating cancer patients by performing stereo-tactic radio surgery for eleven years.   Gamma Knife uses the most precise technology to perform non-invasive brain surgery for tumors, tremors and trigeminal neuralgia.  It can deliver a precise beam of ...
    on June 28, 2013     Source: Spokane


  1. "A a species of neuralgia, and according to the rules of science you must not starve it," Bagehot wrote.
    on Aug 19, 2007 By: Walter Bagehot Source: Wall Street Journal

  2. "Given India's longstanding neuralgia with regard to the CTBT (exceeded only by its even deeper antipathy to the NPT), a US president who moved back toward the CTBT would have a delicate and difficult time with his Indian counterpart on the terms of...
    on Jul 7, 2008 By: Strobe Talbott Source: Newindpress

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