nefariousness nefariousness


  • (n) the quality of being wicked



  1. Weitz also excised the last three chapters of the first book, where the Church's nefariousness is made explicit.
  2. Oh, almost forgot to mention this most of them have hair-trigger tempers, which do not aid them in the swift completion of their appointed nefariousness.
  3. The Maoists, observers say, need to raise the specter of royalist nefariousness to boost their own flagging support.


  • POLITICO: Fox Mentioned Benghazi More than 1,000 Times in the Past Year

    In an article about the right's attempt to link Benghazi back to the suicide of Vince Foster as part of a Unified Field Theory of Hillary Clinton's Nefariousness, POLITICO Magazine' s senior editor Michael Hirsh identified the Benghazi Industrial Complex, a network of right wing sites, Twitter lava, and Fox News that keeps Benghazi ever stuck to Clintons heel.
    on May 5, 2014     Source: Mediaite

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