neckwear neckwear  /ˈnɛ ˌkwɛr/


  • (n) articles of clothing worn about the neck


  1. After neckwear, it appears that our "how to" searches are executed by sexually curious teens (only a guess based on the language) with queries such as; "how to kiss," "how to have .
  2. But modern, mostly decorative neckwear dates from King Louis XIV of France, who first popularized the tie's predecessor, the cravat, after spotting the bow-tie-like embellishment .
  3. From the Boston Globe via The Huffington Post comes word that Dunkin Donuts has pulled a commercial starring Rachael Ray over complaints that Ray's neckwear was hostile to the .


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  • "Your neckwear choice may be one area we may actually agree," Blumenauer said via Twitter.
    on May 19, 2009 By: Earl Blumenauer Source:

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