narcoterrorism narcoterrorism


  • (n) the financing of terrorist activities by participation in the drug trade


  1. And the explosion of narcoterrorism has diverted manpower: half of DAS's 3,000 agents guard politicians and judges whose lives are at risk.
  2. I buried three presidential candidates while in office, and during the past nine months as mayor there were 130 acts of narcoterrorism.
  3. Officials distinguish between drug trafficking, which mainly threatens the consumer countries, and narcoterrorism inside Colombia, which they are determined to stop.


  • "He's got a tough job in dealing with narcoterrorist groups in his country, but he's committed to dealing firmly with narcoterrorism," Bush said of Uribe.
    on Jun 14, 2006 By: President Bush Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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