narcolepsy narcolepsy  /ˈnɑr kə ˌlɛp si/


  • (n) a sleep disorder characterized by sudden and uncontrollable episodes of deep sleep


  1. You'd think only someone suffering an advanced case of narcolepsy would be immune to them.
  2. The latest addition to that budding pharmacopoeia is a narcolepsy drug called modafinil that was approved two years ago to help shift workers stay alert.
  3. With that in mind, Farah is studying modafinil, a drug developed for narcolepsy that is prescribed off-label to patients with depression, ADHD or even jet lag.


  1. - Chattanooga's source for breaking local news

    A Chattanooga investment firm on Wednesday announced the results of its ADX-NO5 for the company's Phase 2a clinical trial for the treatment of narcolepsy.
    on June 6, 2013     Source: The Chattanoogan

  2. New Research at SLEEP 2013 Demonstrates People with Narcolepsy Face Significant Health and Economic Burden and High ...

    DUBLIN, June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Researchers will present data today that demonstrate people with narcolepsy face significant personal health and economic burden. The Burden of Narcolepsy Disease (BOND)...
    on June 5, 2013     Source: PR Newswire


  1. "These data make it clear that narcolepsy is not just a sleeping disorder, but a hypothalamic disease with a much broader symptom profile," said Dr. Fortuyn. "Hypocretin, the neurotransmitter that is lost in narcolepsy, has been implicated in...
    on Mar 1, 2008 By: Pim Fortuyn Source: Science Daily (press release)

  2. "A long list of things. I have narcolepsy. I have sleep apnea. I have a heart condition," Schrenko said, also listing problems with her back, circulatory system and pulmonary system.
    on May 10, 2006 By: Linda Schrenko Source: Online Athens

  3. "She is like the ultimate speed reader! I have, like, reading narcolepsy, where I read one page and I fall asleep," said Misty. "And she can roll through books like no other. That is kind of frustrating because I wish I could enjoy reading...
    on Jun 25, 2008 By: Misty May-Treanor Source: Voice of America

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