mylar mylar  /ˈmaɪ ˌlɑr/


  • (n) a thin polyester film


  1. Same idea as mirrors, but using millions of silvery mylar balloons instead.
  2. This year's Person of the Year issue the largest ever marks the first time mylar has been used on PTI's cover.
  3. To pick up a shoeprint in dust, experts use a sheet of electrified mylar that picks up dust like a big piece of Scotch tape.


  1. Live Oak High Class of 2013 branches out

    “Ramon, you did it!” declared one sign amidst a sea of colorful Mylar balloons, bouquets and shade-giving umbrellas during Live Oak High School’s June 6 graduation ceremony, where cap and gown-clad se
    on June 14, 2013     Source: Morgan Hill Times

  2. Best Bet: Zilla’s Glossy Film Purse

    Iridescent and shiny like crinkled mylar, Zilla's PVC film purse seems like a space oddity. It's handy for keeping essentials like vitamins and lip balm organized, and it's a striking conversation piece that reflects light in such a way that it will never get lost in a deep, dark handbag. ... More »
    on June 11, 2013     Source: New York Magazine


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